Where to Buy German Bread Online?

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Not long ago I came across bread products that caught my attention. Of course as a German I am missing the nice baked goods. I am still in love with German rolls and bread and, I am sure you know, it’s hard to find in the USA. You can find the items either in special German stores or online. In this article I am answering this one question:

Where to Buy German Bread Online?

There are not many places to find original German rolls and bread online. Especially over the last years with all complications regarding shipping, there are only a few companies left. Let me introduce “The German Brot Box” to you!
The Brotbox is a wholesome Bakery & Makes Bread that Takes Care of you
You can eat their bread without feeling guilty because it’s made out of only a few ingredients in a true German bakery.

German Rolls from the Brot Box

german rolls and bread imported from germany

Info at One Glance
– Baked in a German Bakery
– Non-GMO
– No additives or preservatives
– Baking time varies for each rolls – Baking Instructions are on package
– Amount: Each roll comes in a 5 pack
– The order does not ship frozen but with ice packs and insulation for protection against heat

               Pumpkinseed Rolls                                             Classic Wheat Rolls                                      
pumpkinseed rolls






             Stone Oven Buerli                                                Potato Carrot Rolls

stone oven buerli roll brotboxpotato carrot rolls brotbox

Low Carb Multi Seed Power Rolls
low carb multi seed rolls






All Rolls come in a sealed Bag with Handling Instructions – 5 Pieces
Keep the bag at room temperature for a while, pre-heat the oven, then bake them as instructed. Baking time is from 10 to 20 minutes.
german rolls brotbox

Pretzel Specialties from the Brot Box

german pretzel imported from Germanygerman pretzel roll

German Bread Specialties from the Brot Box

Swiss Farmers Bread
Bake the bread per the instructions, let it cool off a bit then cut it and hear the sound of the best crust ever! The crust is crunchy and the inside is soft. So lecker! I couldn’t resist and had a slice when the bread was still warm with just some good Irish butter. So good!

swiss farmers bread
rye crust bread brotbox whole grain bread brotbox

All Your Favorites in One Box

If you love a good assortment of rolls and bread then these boxes below are ideal. You find all the goodies in one box. It’s a great selection and has something for any taste. Plus the box makes a nice gift for a beloved one. The large box comes with free shipping!

small brot box assortment medium size brotbox assortment
Large brotbox assortment

ENJOY a GERMAN BREAKFAST with other Original German Items

A German breakfast is a wonderful meal. Especially with German rolls, jam, Müsli and coffee. All these items are in the convenient breakfast box from Lovegermanfood.com.

german breakfast box

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