Sep 262012

mecklenburger Punsch
The nights are longer and getting colder, not so much in California, but fall has started now, and that's the time for hot beverages. This is a typical recipe from the former DDR (East Germany)  and is called Seelenwaermer translated as "warming the soul" and its origin is Mecklenburg; that's why the name Mecklenburger Punsch. It has quite some alcohol and if you think this is too strong just add more orange juice or hot water or don't use alcohol at all. But then it is not a Seelenwaermer anymore... Happy Cooking!

Ingredients (serves 4)

2 organic oranges
3 lemons
130 ml Cognac
750 ml Darjeeling black tea (good quality tea)
150 g honey
250 ml dark rum

Cooking Instructions

- Wash 1 orange, dry it and peel the skin very thin like a spiral (without the white part), leave some pieces for decoration.
- Juice all lemons and oranges.
- Pour the juice into a glass jar, add cognac and orange peels and let it soak for 3 hours.
- Make the black tea.
- Remove orange peel from the juice, add tea, honey and rum.
- Bring to the cooking point (not  a boil, otherwise all alcohol will be gone).
- Serve in tea glasses (made out of glass) and decorate with some orange peel.

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