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german potato dumplings

Potato dumplings from the Pfalz - The Palatinate in German is called "Pfalz" and comes from Latin Palātium, palace; and in the  region itself they call it in their dialect: Palz.  There is another word for it in German that is Rheinpfalz, as it is a region in South-Western Germany and connects to the river Rhine. It occupies more than a quarter of the German federal state (Bundesland) of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). This Bundesland is famous for its wines and a street that is called the German Weinstrasse - the German Wine route - a wonderful and sight-seeing road that goes along the wineries  through the Pfalz. You have cities such as Kaiserslautern, Speyer, Pirmasens or Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. The Wine Route  is a touristic attraction. So if you plan to go to Germany, it is a Must-see.
This dish is a traditional recipe from this region. I hope you like it. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients (for about 10 dumplings)
1 kg potatoes (soft, not waxy)
2 eggs
100 g semolina (wheat of cream or spelt)
100 g flour
1 tbsp salt (low)
1 tbsp dry marjoram (low not heaped)
1 pinch white pepper
1/2 bunch parsley

Cooking Instructions

- Boil the potatoes the day before as they should not be used on the same day; keep them for 1 day in the fridge or at a cool place.
- Peel boiled potatoes and squeeze them through a potato press; it might be a bit hard but that's how it is.
- Add semolina, flour and eggs, chopped parsley and spices.
- Knead it until you get a smooth dough so you can form the dumplings.
- With wet hands form dumplings, not too big. The amount that fits into the palm of your hand is just right.
- In a big pot bring water with some salt to a boil.
- Place dumplings into the boiling water, lower the heat and let them soak for 20 minutes.
- Carefully take them out with a slotted spoon.
- Serve them right away with Goulash, Beef Rouladen or any meat dish with a gravy - that's what you need: gravy.

Dumplings cannot be enjoyed without a good gravy. Happy Cooking!


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  1. Thanks I love this Potato dumplings !! My sister married a German and bought a few packets back for us 20 years ago and I in love with it since then. When I went to Cologne last year and I bought a few pk back, now I can make them myself no need to travel so far to buy them !! Thanks. I’m a Chinese stay in Malaysia !!

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