Bauernfruehstueck – German Farmer Breakfast

farmer breakfast

If you don’t know what a Bauernfruehstueck – German Farmer Breakfast is you will find out now. It’s basically a potato-egg breakfast with other ingredients that can be varied. You can add Salami, ham, bacon, sausages, cheese, veggies etc. This breakfast dish will for sure give you a good start into a new day. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients  German Farmer Breakfast

(2 servings)
5 potatoes
4 eggs
4 tbsp milk or heavy cream
4 slices salami, Speck, and/or boiled ham
1 small onion
2 garlic cloves – optional
Salz und Pfeffer to taste, little bit of nutmeg
1 tbsp chopped chives or parsley
1-2 pickles (preferably German)

Cooking Instructions Bauernfruehstueck

– Boil potatoes. The best is to boil them the day before and use them the next day.
– Cut salami, Speck or ham into small cubes. Chop onions/garlic very fine.
– Peel potatoes and cut in thin slices.
– Don’t use a small pan as you need to turn the content several times.
– Heat some butter in a larger pan and fry half of the onions and garlic first until transparent, then add meat and sliced potatoes.
– After 10 min add the remaining onions. Mix well. Spice to taste.
– In a bowl beat the eggs (per person 2 eggs) with the milk. Spice with salt and pepper to taste. Add a hint of nutmeg

– When the potatoes are golden brown, pour the eggs over them. Let the eggs get firm. If you mix them they will get flaky.
– Before serving add the chopped chives/parsley.
– Place the pickles aside or slice them up.

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