Black Forest Ice Cream Cup – Schwarzwald Becher

Black Forest Ice Cream Cup

This is a special ice cream specialty which is called the Black Forest Ice Cream Cup or Schwarzwaldbecher. It’s one of these cups that you would get in a German ice cream parlor. As we don’t have such parlors in the USA you can make this ice cream cup at home. It’s that easy. Make sure to use a good quality chocolate sauce without high fructose corn syrup. Happy Ice Creaming!

Ingredients Black Forest Ice Cream Cup

(2 servings)

4 scoops chocolate ice cream
2 scoop vanilla ice cream
6 tbsp sour cherries (jar or fresh cherries (de-pitted)
Kirschschnaps (optional)
Chocolate sauce
whipped cream
chocolate sprinkles if you like
some fresh cherries

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Instructions Black Forest Ice Cream Cup

To Make 1 Serving
– Place 2 scoops chocolate and one scoop vanilla ice cream into a high glass.
– Drain the sour cherries.
– Add 3 tbsp cherries on top of the ice cream. If you use fresh cherries remove the pit first.
– Beat heavy cream until firm or use whipped cream from the can. Place a nice heap of whipped cream in the middle of the cherries.
– Pour the Kirschschnaps over the whipped cream.
– Finally decorate with chocolate sauce and if you like sprinkle with the chocolate streusel  – Add 1 sour cherry or fresh cherry on top.

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