Make Landjäger from Scratch like in Germany

make landjäger from scratch

If you know Landjäger you know that this is the ultimate meat snack. Forget about beef jerky and salami sticks! But to make them is quite an adventure, nevertheless I want to show you how to make Landjäger from Scratch. The popular meat sticks from Germany, made out of a mix of pork and beef, are not that easy to get in the USA. There are only a few companies that make them from scratch, and some add ingredients that are not really the German style (like corn syrup).
Here is an authentic German recipe for you and if you like, you can make Landjager at home. To be honest, it’s quite some work and needs some practice in sausage making.

Note: We cannot give any guarantee that everything works out. You need to have experience in sausage making as special machines are needed. The recipe is from Germany and proven. The outcome depends entirely on experience and the ingredients. It’s entirely your own risk.
Unfortunately, Landjäger cannot be imported from Germany as it is not allowed per FDA. The good thing is you can get them from the shop

Ingredients Landjäger

Natural pork casings
30% Beef
70% Pork Belly

Spices per Kilogramm meat:
27g curing salt or sea salt
1g starter cultures
2g black pepper
3g raw sugar
0,5g caraway seeds, ground
0,2g coriander
optional: garlic, paprika

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Cooking Instructions Landjäger

(Instructions are from the video below)

– Cut meat in small pieces, place in freezer and let it slightly freeze.
– Combine with all spices and mix well with hands in a bowl.
– Use a meat grinder – All meat will be placed into the grinder (4mm).
– Fill the meat into the casings about 100g meat per casing).

– Flatten the sausage with a flat wooden spoon.
– Use yarn to close the ends.
– Place another wooden board on top to keep them flat for 30-60 min.
– Hang them up in a cold room n(eg bathroom) for 24 or 48 hours (depends on the salt you are using, sea salt 48 hours)

– Smoke them the cold for 5 hours. Cold smoking is using the smoke only, no heat – See the Smoking Guide  for more Information.

Recipe : Youtube Channel Michael Grabowsky

 If you have specific questions please contact the author of the recipe via the YouTube Channel
– Video in German only – But easy to follow – Author speaks English

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