Chocolate Spritz Cookies for the Holidays

Chocolate Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies or Spritzgebäck is a classic for Christmas. The chocolate Spritz cookies are easy to make, you can fill them or not. Happy Baking!

Ingredients Chocolate Spritz Cookies

Makes about 60 cookies
40 g marzipan, raw
150 g butter
50 g powdered sugar
1 dash salt
2 drops lemon flavor
3 drops vanilla flavor
1 medium egg
165 g flour
15 g cocoa powder, unsweetened
chocolate for the glaze

Baking Instructions

– Warm the marzipan a little so it gets soft (you could use the micro wave). Let cool off.
– Combine butter, powdered sugar, marzipan, salt and flavors and beat until smooth, then add the egg,
– Sieve flour with with cocoa, add to dough but mix very briefly because dough might become too solid.
– Pre-heat oven to 180 °C of 375 F.
– Layer baking tray with parchment paper.
– Fill dough into a frosting bag with big star nozzle and form sticks or S forms onto the tray. f – Bake for 12-13 min (medium height).
– Let cookies cool off.
– If you like you can add warmed jam on one side of a cookie and place another one onto the jam side.
– Melt chocolate and dip one end of the cookie into the chocolate.

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