German Cocktail Lilli Marlen with Escorial

The Cocktail Lilli Marlen is a special and  interesting cocktail containing Escorial and the German brandy Asbach Uralt with some lime. Now that the name Lilli Marlen is dedicated to this cocktail I want to tell you where that name comes from. Lili Marleen is a song that was sung by Lale Andersen, released in 1939.  It sold s1 Million times, and became classic song amongst the German soldiers.

cocktail Lilli Marlen with Escorial

Ingredients Cocktail Lilli Marlen

– 3 cl Escorial green 56 %
– 3 cl Asbach Uralt
– 2 cl fresh lime juice
– 1 barspoon English jam (orange marmalade)
– 1 small piece of ginger

Instructions Cocktail Lilli Marlen

– Press ginger gently into  shaker, add ice cubes and all other ingredients and mix it thoroughly.
– By using a fine sieve strain it into a cocktail glass that had been cooled. The photo shows a special Escorial glass.
– Decorate with a hint of grated organic orange peel.

Where to Find Escorial and Asbach
Escorial and Asbach are  available at Duggans Distillery –
560 Bradley Hill Rd  Blauvelt, NY 10913
phone (845) 358-7230 or send them an email via the website


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