German Iced Coffee – Eiskaffee

german iced coffee eiskaffee

The German iced coffee – or as we call it “Eiskaffee” – is not just ice cubes in some cup of cold coffee. If it doesn’t contain whipped cream and vanilla ice cream it’s not a Eiskaffee. This beverage is very popular in Germany and you can get it in every ice cream parlor and Cafe. If you can get it somewhere in the USA, you are lucky. In case you cannot, it’s so easy to make from scratch! Try it out. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Iced Coffee – Eiskaffee

(2 servings)

100 g heavy cream
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
– How to Make Vanilla Sugar –

(alternatively vanilla extract and a little bit of sugar)
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
300 ml brewed coffee, chilled (preferably German coffee)
grated chocolate, unsweetened cocoa, cherries or chocolate syrup for decoration

tschibo coffee

How to make it

– Combine heavy cream with vanilla sugar and whip until very firm.
– Fill 2 scoops vanilla ice cream into 2 tall glasses.
– Pour the chilled coffee over the ice cream.
– Place the whipped cream on top.
– Decorate with a cherry, grated chocolate or chocolate syrup.

You can add some flavor by adding some liquor such as (Asbach) brandy or Amaretto.

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