German Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

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What are German Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies? It is a combination of chocolate and cornflakes – just irresistible. Important is to use unsweetened cornflakes and good quality chocolate for example from Lindt. These are no bake cookies! Let them dry for some hours and they will be done. Make great cookies within minutes! This is an authentic German recipe for the holidays or Christmas. Happy Baking!


Ingredients German Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

250g dark chocolate
1 tbsp oil (eg sunflower or canola oil, no flavors)
app. 2 cups cornflakes unsweetened (1 cup = app. 250ml)

Baking Instructions

– Melt chocolate using the double boiler method (heat water in a pot and place into that pot a fire proof bowl that will be not too big or too small, should fit into the pot).
– Brake chocolate into smaller pieces. Place into a ceramic bowl.
– Use double boiler method (in a pot have water, bring to a boil, place bowl with chocolate into the pot. Chocolate will melt)
– Add oil, let chocolate melt on low heat while stirring.
–  Remove molten chocolate from oven.
– Combine with cornflakes. Mix them very carefully and thoroughly until they are completely covered with chocolate.
– With a table spoon make small heaps and place them on parchment paper.

Let them dry for some hours or over night and keep them cool until you serve them.

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