German Creamy Fluffy Vanilla Pudding

The German Creamy Fluffy Vanilla Pudding makes a great dessert but you can also use it for filling pastries or cakes. This variation of the classic vanilla pudding is a bit different, it’s the fluffy and creamy version. Combine it with fruit of your choice, fruit sauces and whipped cream. Happy Cooking!

german creamy fluffy vanilla pudding

Ingredients German Creamy Fluffy Vanilla Pudding

1/2 liter milk
3 tbsp sugar or less
1 tsp vanilla sugar or 2 tsp vanilla extract  – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
2 tbsp corn starch (organic)
2 egg yolk
5 tbsp milk
2 egg white
grated chocolate and strawberry slices for decoration

Cooking Instructions German Creamy Fluffy Vanilla Pudding

– Heat milk – make sure it wont stick on the bottom of the pan. Rinse pan with water before adding the milk.
– Combine all ingredients except egg whites and decoration items.
– Mix very well so no clumps will be left. Reduce heat to low to medium.
– Add to the milk while stirring frequently. Don’t bring to a boil.
– When milk thickens remove from heat, place into a bowl. Cover with plastic foil right away to avoid skin building.
– Meanwhile beat egg whites very firm – add a dash of salt which is enhancing firmness.
– When pudding has cooled off fold in firm egg whites.

Serve in small bowls, decorate with strawberries and grated chocolate.

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