German Sauce Hollandaise

Sauce Hollandaise is the French name for “Hollaendische Sauce (Dutch sauce)” and it is a classic sauce for many different dishes.  In German we also call it “helle” or “weisse” Sosse. The sauce Hollandaise is a must with asparagus – great combination – but also with meat, fish and other vegetable. This is the original recipe. It is not using broth or any other liquid to make it. Happy Cooking!

german sauce hollandaise

Ingredients (serves 6; 20 minutes cooking time)
250 g butter
3 egg yolk
3 tbsp water
1tbsp lemon juice
salt, pepper

Cooking Instructions German Sauce Hollandaise
– melt butter but don’t let it get too hot as you will ad an egg!
– place egg with lemon juice water and salt in a pot and use double boiler method.
– whisk until you get a creamy sauce (very important otherwise the sauce will coagulate).
– now add spoon by spoon the melted butter while stirring continuously by using a whisk.
– spice with salt and pepper. Serve over asparagus.

The sauce should NEVER get hot otherwise it will be messed up. So use mild heat.
Use less butter for less richness.


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