German Strawberry Torte – Layered Cake

The German Strawberry Torte is a cake with three layers. In Germany we love to bake such cakes especially for festive occasions. With some creativity you can customize this cake for a birthday with the age number or even the name. The strawberry torte is not difficult to make but we recommend to be experienced somewhat in baking. Happy Baking!

strawberry torte

Ingredients German Strawberry Torte

4 large eggs (280 g)
250 g sugar (or less depending how sweet you like the cake)
140 g flour
140 g butter
100 g strawberry puree
100 g strawberries, chopped
400 g strawberries, cut in halves
200 g fresh creamy cheese (using double creamy cheese in the German recipe) such as Mascarpone, ricotta or quark
150 g natural Greek yogurt
200 g heavy cream
60 g sugar
2 packages vanilla sugar, 0.6 ozHow to make vanilla sugar –
6 sheets gelatin
NOTE: One packet (1 tablespoon) of powdered gelatin is equivalent to four gelatin sheets. This is enough to soft-set 2 cups of liquid.
1 package red glaze Dr Oetker – 3.5oz – (or corn starch with sugar to taste and red fruit juice)
Optional: whipped cream and almond slices for decorating

german delicatessen box

Baking Instructions German Strawberry Torte

Make the Biscuit Base
– Separate 3 eggs and beat egg whites until firm.
– Beat one whole egg and 3 egg yolks with sugar until foamy.
– Add FIRST the flour, then egg white and at last the liquid butter (melt the butter, but it should not get hot).
– Layer a round spring form with parchment paper and add half of the dough, spread even.
– Bake for 20 min on 350 F, convection (no convection = longer baking time)
– Repeat proceeding with remaining dough.

Note: You also can make 1 base biscuit and cut it horizontally when it has cooled off. Baking time is 35 min at 350 F convection.

Make the Filling
– Mix cheese with yogurt, sugar and strawberry puree.
– Soak gelatin in cold water, squeeze it so all water is out, then warm it until it is liquid. Mix it with some of the strawberry cream, then add with chopped strawberries to the entire filling cream.
– Keep it in fridge for some minutes, so it will get semi-firm, then add whipped cream.
– Place a cake ring around the bottom base biscuit, spread filling on top, place second biscuit on filling.
– Add strawberry halves on top of second biscuit.
– Make the glaze per instructions, then spread from inside towards outer edges the glaze spoon by spoon.
– Place the cake in the fridge for at least 3 hours.
– Remove the cake ring.

If you like decorate the cake with a thin layer of whipped cream and roasted almond slices. The slices stick perfectly on the whipped cream.


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