Remoulade – German Mayonnaise with Herbs

remoulade german mayonnaise

Back in Germany I remember that Remoulade was always in the fridge. It’s very difficult to find it in the USA. So I searched and found a yummy recipe for the Remoulade – German Mayonnaise with Herbs. Serve this herbal mayonnaise with fries, roast beef or fish sticks, it’s great with hard boiled eggs and the best for making sandwiches. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Remoulade – German Mayonnaise

300 ml sunflower oil (taste neutral oil)
2 egg yolks
1 tbsp of each: sugar – vinegar – lemon juice – mustard, medium (pref. German)
1 tsp salt or to taste, white pepper to taste
4 Cornichons or small pickles pref. German
1/2 small onion
Herbs, 1 tbsp of each: capers – chopped parsley – dried tarragon – dill
2 tbsp Crème fraîche
50 g natural yoghurt (greek or 5% Fage)

thomy remoulade


Cooking Instructions Remoulade – German Mayonnaise

– Combine egg yolks with sugar, vinegar, mustard and lemon juice and beat with hand mixer until it has thickened (for 3-5 min).
– Add very slowly in small portions the oil, mix until it has combined with the cream.  Important it to use little portions!
– Spice with salt and white pepper.  This is the BASE mayonnaise.
– Chop Cornichons, onion, parsley and capers very fine.
– Add to the mayonnaise and then the creme fraiche.
– Mix well with a spoon.

Add a chopped hard boiled egg, some chopped chives or a hint of horseradish.
Use sour cream instead of creme fraiche.
Serve with
– a slice of roast beef on a sandwich,
– on crackers with hard boiled eggs;
– with French Fries.
– on toast instead of butter.
– with fish sticks or fillet.

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