German Cucumber Apple Salad

German Cucumber Apple Salad

This German cucumber apple salad is an ideal side dish for your barbecue. It is also a good healthy choice, and is done within minutes. Perfect as a side dish for Bratwurst, German burgers, chicken or any roast. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Cucumber Apple Salad

1 English cucumber
10 radishes
1/2 apples
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
2 spring onions
3 tbsp oil (taste neutral)
salt, pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions

– Peel cucumber, cut in thin slices.
– Cut onions in fine slices.
– Peel apple, remove seeds, cut in small slices as well (or grate).
– Cut radishes in fine cubes or thin slices.
– Mix the dressing ingredients in a bowl, combine dressing with vegetables. Mix well.

Serve this salad as a side dish with Bratwurst, Frikadellen or a roast.

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