German Streusel Cake with Grapes

german streusel cake with grapes

You might not know this but you can use grapes for making cakes. The German Streusel Cake with Grapes is super delicious and not difficult to make. Wonderful cake for the grape season. Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Streusel Cake with Grapes

225 g butter
375 g flour
150 g sugar
5 eggs
lemon zest from 1 organic lemon
1 dash salt, 1 egg yolk
1 package vanilla pudding
250 g red and 250 g green grapes
400 g creme fraiche
3 tbsp grape juice (clear)
butter for the form
german baking ingredients

Baking Instructions German Streusel Cake with Grapes

Make the Base Dough
– Cut 125 g butter in cubes. Combine with 250 g flour, 50 g sugar, 1 egg, lemon and salt. Knead until you get a smooth dough. Cover and let sit for 30 min in the fridge.

Make the Streusel
– Combine 100 g butter with 125 g flour, 50 g sugar, egg yolk and pudding powder. Knead until you get crumbles. Keep in fridge for 20 min.
– Prepare grapes and remove from the stems.

Make the Cream
– Pre-heat oven to 350 F (175C); Convection 300F.
– Mix creme fraiche with 4 eggs, remaining sugar and grape juice.
– Roll the dough on a smooth surface with flour to a round form, diameter 12 inches.
– Place dough into a greased pie (tart) form, diameter 11 inches or layer it with parchment paper.
– Add grapes  on the dough evenly.
– Pour the cream on top.
– Bake for 50-55 min. Place 20 min before baking time ends the Streusel on top and continue baking.

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