Pfitzauf – Sweet Swabian Specialty

Pfitzauf  is a traditional sweet German recipe from the Swabian cuisine. The dough consists of eggs, milk, flour, butter and salt or sugar and will be baked either in special fire proof ceramic forms that are only available in Swabian stores, or you can use fire proof ceramic cups, ramekin cups, or even coffee cups should be fine. The original Pfitzauf forms are higher than regular muffin forms but one of our followers said, that large muffin forms will be fine. s

What does the name mean?
Because the dough will rise high over the baking cup while baking, the Swabians named it after the word that describes this process. The dough “pfitzt auf”. That means it is raising beyond the edges of the form.
In Swabia Pfitzauf is a sweet “main dish” and will be served with vanilla sauce, raspberry sauce, warm cherries and whipped cream or fruit compote. It can be served also as a dessert. Happy Cooking!


Ingredients Pfitzauf

(serves 6)
200 g flour
500ml milk
1 tbsp sugar
5 eggs
75 g butter
1 dash salt
1 vanilla bean or 1 package vanilla sugar 0.5oz – How to Make Vanilla Sugar –

german baking box

Raspberry Sauce

500 g frozen raspberries
20 ml Raspberry Schnaps (optional)
2 tbsp raspberry syrup (eg. from Monin) – optional
powdered sugar, at least 3 tbsp or to taste
6 oven proof coffee cups or special Pfitzauf forms

Cooking Instructions Pfitzauf

– Mix flour, milk and salt until very smooth.
– Add eggs, sugar and the vanilla seeds plus the melted butter; mix well until it is smooth.
– Butter generously the forms or cups and fill in the dough until they are filled half.
– Bake it on 200 C or 375 F for at least 20 minutes.
– Leave oven door open for about 10 minutes, then take them out of the form and dust with powdered sugar.

Raspberry Sauce

Use this raspberry sauce also for other desserts like pudding or with ice cream.

– Place raspberries in a bowl.
– Sieve the powdered sugar, add raspberry schnaps and sirup. Keep some raspberries for decoration.
– Let berries defrost at room temperature.
– Use a stick mixer and puree the raspberries.
– Squeeze them through a fine sieve so all seeds will be removed.

– If you don’t have raspberries at hand, use raspberry jam.
Per portion it is 2 tbsp jam that will be mixed with 3 tbsp warm water.
Add some raspberry schnaps, syrup and sugar if needed.

Find Authentic German Pitzauf Forms

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