Potato Brussels Sprouts Gratin

potato brussels sprout sgratin

The Potato Brussels Sprouts gratin is an original German recipe, and a typical dish during the fall and winter season. Gratins or casseroles are very popular in Germany, and we call such a dish in German “Auflauf”.
Potatoes combined with Brussels sprouts is a delicious mix. If you don’t want to use meat you can use ham instead or don’t use meat at all. You can add one egg to the cheese-cream mix if you will not use meat. Or combine it with other vegetables such as cauliflower, zucchini or carrots and broccoli. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Potato Brussels Sprouts Gratin

1.6 lb potatoes
2.2 lb Brussels sprouts
3/4 cup heavy cream
0.5 lb grated cheese
1.1 lb ground beef
1 tbsp clarified butter or oil
1 onion
salt, pepper, nutmeg, sweet paprika  to taste
1 dash  sugar
milk as needed

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Cooking Instructions

– Peel potatoes, cut in quarters, then in smaller pieces.
– Clean Brussels sprouts, cut in half.
– Boil potatoes with Brussels sprouts for about 10 min in water with some salt.
– Peel and chop onions.
– Pre-Heat oven to 400 F.

– In a skillet melt some clarified butter, fry onions with the ground meat. Brown it for 5 min.
– Add all spices to taste.
– Mix cheese with heavy cream, add some milk if needed, spice with nutmeg, salt, pepper and paprika.
– Use a fire proof form: Add first potatoes and Brussels Sprout, then the meat, and on top the cheese mix.
– Cook for 15-20 min in oven.
– Let cool off for 3 min. before serving.

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