Potato Egg Salad – Authentic German

potato egg salad

Germany is the country with the most different potato salad recipes. Today a special German Potato egg salad is featured as it makes a delicious side dish for many meat dishes, and of course in combination with Bratwurst. If you are planning to have a BBQ try this salad, you will love it. It’s easy to make and so delicious. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Potato Egg Salad

5 hard boiled eggs
700 g potatoes (Gold)
125 ml beef or vegetable broth, warm
3 tbsp vinegar
and 3 tbsp taste neutral oil such as sunflower oil 

salt, pepper to taste, hint of grated nutmeg
1 smaller onion
60 ml Crème fraîche or natural yoghurt
1 tbsp German mustard
chopped chives or dill

german mustard

Cooking Instructions Potato Egg Salad

– Boil potatoes. Peel them while still warm, then slice.
– Mix broth with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper.
– Pour over potatoes, mix and let sit for 30 min.
– Chop the eggs, cut onion in fine slices.
– Cut chive or dill and combine with potatoes.
– Mix creme fraiche with mustard and add to the salad. Mix well.
– Do another taste test and use spices as needed.

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