Pumpkin Apple Compote – German Pumpkin Specialty

The round orange Pumpkin has many variations in the German cuisine, and one usage is to make a compote, or “Kompott” as we say in German. You practically can make compote with the most fruit. The Pumpkin Apple compote is a sweet dish and it is served  in Germany often with German Griessbrei (Semolina Pudding), Rice Pudding, or Vanilla Pudding. Happy Cooking!

apple pumpkin compote

Ingredients Pumpkin Apple Compote

1 lb pumpkin pieces
4 apples
1/2 liter water
4-5 tbsp sugar
zest of 1/2 lemon (organic)
some lemon juice
2-4 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
4-5 tbsp apple vinegar

Cooking Instructions Pumpkin Apple Compote

– Cut the pumpkin meat in regular pieces or ace out little round balls with a spoon.
– Peel apples, remove core and cut in small pieces. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Set aside.
– Bring the water with the vinegar, sugar, cloves, cinnamon stick and the lemon peel to a boil, add the pumpkin pieces.
– Cook until the pumpkin pieces are semi soft (time depends on the kind of pumpkin you are using).
– Add the apple pieces (less cooking time than pumpkin).
– When fruit is soft enough remove from stove, let cool off.
– Remove cinnamon stick and cloves; add more sugar if it is not sweet enough.

Serve cold or warm.
picture source: chefkoch.de

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