Rose Hip Jam – Hagebutten Marmelade

rosehip jam hagebutten marmelade

Find out how to make this special jam, that is so popular in Germany and you find it in almost any supermarket. Unfortunately not in the USA: Rose hip Jam or “Hagebutten Marmelade”. It’s some work to make it, you need to reserve 2 hours. But the outcome is a jam, that will be more than delicious. Happy Cooking!
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Ingredients Rosehip Jam

1.5 kg rose hips

½ lemon, juiced
apple or orange juice as needed
1 kg Gelierzucker – Gelling sugar or regular sugar
1-2 tsp cinnamon to taste

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Instructions Rose Hip Jam

– Wash rose hips, cut of stems and blossom. Cut open and remove the seeds (Important – If you don’t remove the seeds, you must press the cooked rose hips through a sieve after the grinding process). Then wash again.
– Add 600-700ml water in a pan and cook them until they are tender, this can be 1 hour.
– Let cool of a bit. Use a so called “Flotte Lotte”, a food mill, to mash the rose hips. (see below) You can also use a grain mill grinder or a metal food grinder. Important is that the rose hips have to be grind very fine.
This should result in about 700 – 800 g mashed rose hips.

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– Add as much apple juice is needed to get a creamy liquid. Also add a bit of orange juice, and lemon juice plus cinnamon.
– Now add the sugar, and best is to let sit overnight.
– Bring to a boil and let boil for 3 min.

– Rinse jam jars with boiling hot water, place them upside down on a clean kitchen cloth and while still hot, add the hot jam. Cover with a lid right away.

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