Rumtopf Fruit Pot Ruedesheim Style

rudesheimer fruit potLearn today how to make the Rumtopf Ruedesheim Style. In German we call it  “Ruedesheimer Fruechtetopf” or fruitpot, and it is an original recipe from Asbach Uralt in Germany.

Ingredients Rumtopf Fruit Pot Ruedesheim Style

Use a 3-4 liter stoneware, earthenware or china pot, or a jar. Choose either a variety of different fruits or just one kind.
Fruit to use:
Strawberries, gooseberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, damsons, mirabelles, pears, oranges, mandarin oranges, or pineapple – fresh, frozen or canned. Preferably fresh fruit.

Instructions Rumtopf Fruit Pot Ruedesheim Style

– Wash fresh, ripe fruit and dry on a tea towel or absorbent paper.
– Drain canned fruit well.
– Fill the container with 600 g of fruit, 400 g of sugar and a 0.7 l bottle of Asbach Uralt.
– Add more fruit depending on the season, sugar and Asbach Uralt in the same ratio until the container is full, stir carefully from time to time.
– Store in a cool, dry, dark place until fall or winter. Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy the original Rüdesheim fruit pot.

Always ensure that the fruit is well covered with Asbach Uralt, fruit on the surface will sink after a while. Close firmly each time anything is added or removed.
ruedesheimer fruit pot recipes

Recipe Ideas  to use the Rumtopf Fruit Pot Ruedesheim Style

  • As a dessert: Serve Rüdesheim fruit in a glass dish with ice-cream and a whipped-cream topping.
  • As the crème de la crème: Rüdesheim fruit makes puddings and creams just perfect.
  • As a filling: Drain Rüdesheim fruit and use whole, finely chopped or mashed as a filling for crêpes, pancakes or omelets.
  • As a sauce: Strain Rüdesheim fruit and enjoy the puree hot or cold with ice-cream, puddings or creams.
  • As a flambé: Heat Rüdesheim fruit in a flambiere, douse with warm Asbach Uralt; serve flambéed on ice-cream, puddings or creams.

Rumtopf Fruit Pot Ruedesheim StyleWhere to buy Asbach Brandy

Find Asbach Ural brandy  in special German stores, or at Bevmo, liquor liquidation, Schop Wine Direct, Total Wine and other liquor specialty stores.

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