Sauerkraut Westphalia Style – Authentic German

The Sauerkraut Westphalia Style is an authentic German recipe from the region Westphalia (Westfalen). You can use pre-cooked or raw Sauerkraut for this dish. Make sure you get natural Sauerkraut without any preservatives or other chemicals (will alter the taste). Sauerkraut always tastes the best the next day or when warmed up several times. Serve with smoked pork chops (Kasseler), sausages or grilles ham hocks. Happy Cooking!

sauerkraut westphalia style

Ingredients Sauerkraut Westphalia Style

(serves 4-5)
100 g Speck, smoked with some fat, cubes (German bacon)
1 tbsp lard or sunflower oil
1 medium onion, chopped
1/2 liter broth (beef or vegetable)
1 bay leave
5 juniper berries
1 kg Sauerkraut – Find it here – 
salt, pepper to taste
1 medium size potato
served with Kasseler or sausages – Find the best Speck, Kasseler or sausages in the USA at or

Contains Sauerkraut & Red Cabbage!

german delicatessen box

Cooking Instructions Sauerkraut Westphalia Style

– Fry Speck in lard/oil until crunchy.
– Peel onions and chop fine.
– Brown onions, add broth, juniper berries, and bay leave (you can place them in a little cooking bag).
– Add Sauerkraut, take it apart with a fork.
– Spice with salt and pepper to taste.
– Let cook for 1,5 hours – it depends on the kind of Sauerkraut that you are using. If Sauerkraut is pre-cooked cooking time would be less than 30 min! Some packaged Sauerkraut is ready in 3 min. ONLY the Raw Sauerkraut needs 1,5-2 hrs cooking time.

– Depending on cooking time add the finely grated potato 10 min before Sauerkraut is done. Mix well.
– Grate the potato fine, add to sauerkraut and bring again to a brisk boil.
– 10 min before Sauerkraut is cooked place the Kasseler or sausages on top of the Sauerkraut, let cook until it is hot.
– Remove the bag with berries.
– Spice if needed with salt and pepper.
Serve it with mashed potatoes and Bratwurst.

Want to make your own Sauerkraut – We have a recipe! – GO TO RECIPE –

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