Strawberry Cream Cake – The Best in Summer

strawberry cream cake

The Strawberry Cream cake needs a bit of work but you will be rewarded by its delicious taste. The cake recipe is using quark. You can make quark at home, it is not difficult – Click here to find out How to make Quark or find quark in special super markets from the brand Vermont and Elli Quark. Thank you Gisele Meyers for the recipe and photo – Happy Baking!

Quark Alternatives and Substitutes
german quark alternatives

Ingredients Strawberry Cream Cake

4 eggs
200 g sugar
2 tbs hot water
190 g flour
1 tbs baking powder Dr Oetker


1 package gelatin, ground – or 0.5oz gelatin
500 g strawberries
2 small cans mandarins
500 g quark
600 ml heavy cream
6 tbsp lemon juice
2 packages Sahnesteif (optional) it helps to keep whipped cream firm Dr. Oetker Sahnesteif ( Whip Cream Stabilizer ) -5 pack – it’s called Whip it!
3 egg yolk
150 g sugarBaking Instructions Strawberry Cream Cake

Base Cake
– Beat eggs, sugar and jot water at least for 10-15 min until foamy.
– Mix flour with 1 tbsp baking powder and add to dough.
– Layer a baking form (28cm diameter) with baking paper and fill in dough.
– Bake in pre-heated oven for 2-30 min on 360 F.

– Beat sugar, egg yolks for 10 minutes until foamy.
– Let gelatin soak in water.
– Mix quark with egg mix, add drained mandarins, and mix well.
– Heat gelatin slightly, so it will be dissolved, take off from oven, mix 3-4 tbsp quark dough with gelatin, add to the quark dough.
– Beat heavy cream until firm, add Whip it and mix with quark dough, finally add pureed or chopped strawberries.
– Cut cooled off base cake horizontally in half, place a cake ring around, fill quark on the bottom part of the cake, place other half on top.
– Let cool in the fridge over night.
– Dust with powdered sugar and remove cake ring.

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