Summer Drink Sangria


If you were on vacation in Spain you probably know the summer drink Sangria. Because Spain is a super popular vacation spot for Germans, the drink made it into Germany and has become a party beverage. You can get Sangria already made in bottles at regular supermarkets but there’s nothing better than the home made version. Happy Summer!

Ingredients Sangria

1 organic orange
150 g sugar
1 organic lemon
700 ml dry white wine and  700 ml dry red wine
250 g each:  peaches, grapes, red and green mix, strawberries, 1 small container raspberries
1 apple
100 ml orange liquor, eg Grand Manier

Instructions Sangria

– Rinse lemon and orange with hot water.
– Cut horizontally in thiner slices, remove kernels if you see some
– Combine with sugar and wine (both red and white) in a punch bowl or wide enough glas container.
– Stir until sugar has dissolved.
– Place in fridge and keep cool for at least 6 hours or over night.
– Prepare the fruit and chop into small pieces. It would be good to peel apples.
– Before serving add the fruit and liquor to the wine, if you like add some ice cubes but not too many so it won’t get watery. You could add some frozen wine cubes alternatively.

summer drink sangria

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