Classic German Apple Cake

classic german apple cake covered

There must be hundreds of apple cake recipes in Germany. Today I want to feature the Classic German apple Cake made out of base cake (Mürbeteig, short cake), a filling and a top, decorated with almonds and cookies. It takes some time , about…

Authentic German Apple Cake Recipe with Quark

german apple quark cake

This is a delicious German apple cake recipe with quark especially great for the holidays. Quark or “curd cheese” is easy to make (find the recipe for quark making in this recipe). Alternatively you can use a mix out of sour cream and cream…

German Apple Cake – Easy Recipe

The German apple cake – easy recipe – is perfect for baking beginners or if you don’t have much time for baking a cake. We found a very easy recipe for you. Just mix all ingredients, place apples on top, bake it, that’s all….

German Apple Cream Slices – Apfelschnitten

German Apple Cream Slices - Apfelschnitten

Maybe you know about the German “Cremeschnitten”. If not then learn today how to make these “Schnitten” which is a cake baked in a deep baking pan, and when done it is cut in square or rectangle pieces. The German Apple Cream Slices contain…

German Old Fashioned Apple Cake

old fashioned apple cake

If you like apple cakes then you must try this German Old Fashioned Apple Cake. Authentic German recipe. It does not need any special ingredients so you can make it any day. Enjoy this cake with a cup of coffee or tea, and serve…