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Step by Step Make Quark Easy and Fast

Pasteurized milk about 1 cup
1-2 lemon
coffee filter and paper filter
Small bowl and a glass
Lemon juicer and a spoon

Instructions Make Quark Easy and Fast

- squeeze lemons (you need for a bowl of quark 1-2 lemons, use better more than less.
- pour squeezed lemon juice into the milk.
The first part (of 2 parts) of making quark is done. The acid of the lemon will make the milk clot.


Pour milk into the filter which is laid out with a paper filter



Quark stays in the filter, whey runs through it into the glass

You will see this when you will stir the milk and it will become thicker.
- Place the paper coffee filter into the filter and put it on a glass or jar.
- Pour the whole lemon-milk into the filter.
Now the second part of quark making has begun that is separating the solid from the liquid substances.
Within some minutes you will see in the glass a clear liquid (whey) which you will not use for anything else. You can throw it away.
- After 10-15 minutes take out the quark (which is in the filter) with a spoon or just turn the filter over a bowl so the quark can fall into it.
Should the quark taste too much like a lemon, repeat the filtering process by pouring some water into the quark. The quark remains in the filter but the lemon juice will be in the water.

Now chop fresh chive and mix it with the quark; tastes great on pumpernickel, fresh bread or whole rye bread.

Easy, isn't it? Let me know how it went.

Mix some heavy cream into the quark, this makes it creamy.
Mix it with parsley, garlic, onions, cress, salt, pepper, curry or your favorite spice.
Garlic and grated fresh cucumber makes a great Greek quark named "Tzatziki".

If you still think that you cannot make this or maybe you don't have the time, there is a quark/yoghurt maker machine online which is very convenient  - Click here to check it out

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  6 Responses to “Make Quark Easy and Fast”

  1. Why not use buttermilk to make the quark?That’s how I do it. You can either do that in a slow cooker or over night in the oven,then strain,all done ,no work at all,

  2. do you have the oven on? If so what temperature?

  3. Yes,I have the oven on, and the setting is “warm” so no temperature, it just needs to be heated slowly for a long time, just like the quark maker would do. Thanks for making me aware that that isn’t a given…I made it so much I forgot to mention that. It’s perfect for baking or on bread (you could add a little whipping cream and cut fresh herbs for Kraeuterquark).

  4. so when the oven does not have this option “warm” is it about 50 degrees F or more? My oven doesn’t have this option.

  5. how much milk do you use for 1-2 Lemons as stated above?

  6. I would say not more than 1 cup. The recipe did not state any amount. But they use a big glass so that’s about 1 cup I guess.

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