Asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise Recipe

asparagus with sauce hollandaise recipe

Springtime brings a very delicious vegetable on the table: Asparagus. Here is an asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise Recipe for you. In Germany white asparagus is grown in certain regions, and in spring you can find white asparagus in every super market. If you can get white asparagus you should take your chance otherwise use alternatively green asparagus but not the super thin one. This dish makes a nice side dish but also can be used as a main dish combined with salmon, thinly sliced smoked ham or boiled or fried potatoes. The best is the Hollandaise sauce which is a light sauce that tastes perfect with asparagus.Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise

(serves 3)

500 g asparagus (preferably white)
1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp salt
some butter
juice from 1/2 lemon
1 liter water, some salt,

sauce hollandaise

Make the Sauce Hollandaise – Click here for the Recipe

Cooking Instructions Asparagus with Sauce Hollandaise

– Remove the hard parts from the asparagus by cutting off the ends and peeling off the skin.
– Bring water with some salt in a large pan to a boil.
– Add lemon juice to the water plus the salt and sugar.
– Place asparagus into the water. Boil for 10-15 min depending on size. It shouldn’t be too soft.
– Meanwhile melt butter.
– Remove asparagus with a slotted spoon or drain the water.
– Place asparagus on a plate and drip the warm, melted butter over it.

– If you want to serve it with the Sauce Hollandaise you need to keep asparagus warm in the oven on a low temperature covered with foil or a lid.
– Make the sauce and enjoy it with the asparagus.

Serve with boiled or fried potatoes, smoked salmon, Prosciutto, chicken skewers.

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