Easter Lamb Cake Sweetened with Honey

german easter lamb cake

One traditional German cake for Easter is the Easter lamb cake. To make this special cake you would need a special baking lamb form, and we found some on Amazon. It’s basically a cake similar to a pound cake, so you could vary it by adding add some cocoa and create a marble cake or some lemon or rum flavor as a variation. Find two recipes, one sweetened with honey, the other one with regular sugar. Happy Baking!

Ingredients Easter Lamb Cake

125 g butter
100 g honey
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
125 g ground hazelnuts or almonds
200 g flour
1.5 tsp Dr. Oetker baking powder
125 ml milk
1 tbsp baking rum (optional)

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Baking Instructions Easter Lamb Cake

– Beat butter, honey and eggs until foamy.
– Add vanilla and grated hazelnuts, mix flour with baking powder, add to dough, then milk and rum.
– Take baking form apart.
– Grease the form with a baking brush very thoroughly (use butter or oil); put it back together and sprinkle with bread crumbs.
– Fill in the dough but don’t fill it completely otherwise it will overflow during the baking process.
– Bake on lowest level for 1 hour at 175 degrees C or  347 ; place a sheet of aluminum foil on top after 30 minutes, so it won’t get too brown.

Easter Lamb Cake With Sugar

75 g butter
100 g sugar, very soft
1 Pkt. Vanillezucker
2 eggs
2 tbsp rum
140 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
Powdered sugar

Baking Instructions
Combine butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until bubbly. Add rum, then sieved flour with baking powder. Mix well.
Pour dough into a greased lamb form. Bake for 40 min on 350 F.
After cake had cooled off sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Recipe sources: chefkoch.de


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  1. Catheriine, my understanding is that it was originated by the polish people Like anything else ,a good thing,everyone else wants to join in on the bandwagon,even the Italians.