Blueberry Jam No Pectin – Heidelbeer Marmelade

blueberry jam

This is the time when blueberries are available for good deals. I found organic blueberries and decided to make some jam. That was a great idea! Never had better blueberry jam ever – so flavorful and not as sweet as the commercial ones. I am using empty jam or other glass jars with the matching lids. Works perfectly.
So I found this recipe online that was not using pectin. It contains ONLY 3 ingredients. So simple and so good. Sometimes I see on markets these homemade jams for sale and they contains all kinds of unnecessary ingredients such as corn syrup!
This jam is delicious, on toast, with pancakes or in yoghurts. Happy Jam Making!

Ingredients Blueberry Jam

Makes two 4oz jars
2 cups ripe & fresh blueberries, pref. organic
3/4 cups organic raw sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp vanilla extract

Cooking Instructions Blueberry Jam

– Wash blueberries, remove stems as needed.
– In a larger pan combine blueberries with sugar and lemon juice.
– Bring to a boil.

– Reduce meat to medium and let simmer until it has thickened. This can be from 10-30 min.
– Add vanilla extract.
– Rinse jars and lids with boiling hot water.
– Place upside down on a clean kitchen cloth.

– Test frequently if it has thickened.
– Add the jam into the jars and close right away.
– Place for 1 min upside down, this is sealing the the lid.

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