Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink


It’s Halloween! If you throw a party you need good beverages that are creepy. We found a German recipe that you will love for your Halloween party: Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink – make it non-alcoholic or add some alcohol, as you like. Happy Halloween!

dead eyes creepy Halloween Drink

Ingredients Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink

lychees (from the can or fresh)
cherry juice
orange juice

– Mix lychees with cherry juice and keep it in the fridge over night. It will make them purplish.
– Before serving, fill the bowl with lemonade, and add ice cubes or a green hand.
– Make the green hand: Fill green water into rubber globes and freeze them (use filtered water or non-sparkling mineral water and green eatable color).

Tips and Variations
– Use blood orange juice and champagne.
– Use Curacao and champagne.
– Instead of adding ice cubes mix white wine with eatable color and fill it in rubber gloves; freeze them and place them into the punch (don’t use sparkling water or lemonade because the hands will brake very soon).
– Place the lychees over night in vodka and cherry juice.
Make the eyes more real looking by placing a cherry into each lychee.


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