Has Halloween become a German Celebration?

Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies

We all know that Halloween has for sure originated in America, it’s celebrated since a very long time. But  as we cannot deny that many “American lifestyles” have entered Germany especially in the fast food sector such as Mc Donalds, Burger King, and Subway….

Halloween Recipes: Bloody Hands

halloween recipe

It is time for great Halloween recipes like the Bloody hands recipe. It is an original German recipe but it is easy to make. You find all ingredients for the German Halloween recipes on LoveGermanfood.com, Amazon or in your local super market. This is…

Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies – Creepy Recipe

Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies

Need some creepy Halloween party food? You found a good one today: The Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies.  They look so real! This is an authentic German recipe that you will love. Happy Baking and Halloween! Ingredients Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies 125 g butter…

Halloween Food – Grave Yard Cake

halloween grave yard cake

Looking for a special Halloween recipe? Here’s a Grave Yard cake that is easy to make and will be a great surprise for your Halloween Party. In Germany we love Halloween more then ever, and the more scary or frightening the food, the better…

Halloween Recipe Big Foot Feet

halloween recipe

One of our favorite recipes: the Halloween recipe Big Foot Feet!  It looks scary and funny! You don’t have to be an artist to make these feet. Perfect Halloween party food – your guests will love it! Happy Halloween! Ingredients Halloween Recipe Big Foot…

Halloween Recipe Chocolate Mousse Dessert

halloween recipe

Real Halloween recipes don’t have any limits. The Halloween recipe Chocolate Mousse Dessert look really “disgusting”. The chocolate mousse makes a great dessert – tastes like chocolate and looks like dog mess. It will for sure cause some reactions like “gross” or “no way”….

Pumpkin Orange Soup – German Recipe for Fall

Cooking with pumpkin today! In Germany we love pumpkin dishes too and it has become more and more popular. Learn how to make this delicious pumpkin orange soup from scratch. Happy Cooking!   Ingredients Pumpkin Orange Soup 800 g pumpkin (hokkaido) 250 g carrots…

German Pumpkin Soup – A Black Forest Recipe

The German Pumpkin Soup is from the popular German region Black Forest. For this German recipe we use caraway seeds and thyme. It is a delicious seasonal soup – Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Pumpkin Soup 1 kg pumpkin 2 potatoes 1 leek 2 tbsp clarified…