Erdbeer Bowle – Strawberry Punch

strawberry punch

Here’s a recipe for a drink that will go very well at your summer party – The German “Erdbeer Bowle” or Strawberry Punch is a combination of sparkling wine, white wine and strawberries that were soaked in vodka. If you make this drink you will for sure have no left overs. The European sparkling wine can be found at Trader Joe’s or any good liquor store. The punch bowl should be made out of glas and you need a ladle as well.

Ingredients Strawberry Punch

1 kg ripe, sweet strawberries
50 g sugar
200 ml vodka
2 bottles sparkling wine (Sekt)
1 bottle white wine, semi-dry
some mint leaves
some ice cubes made from white wine
optional: some frozen raspberries
1 punch bowl and 1 ladle

Instructions Strawberry Punch

– Wash strawberries, remove green parts.
– Depending on size cut in halves or quarters.
– Place into the punch bowl and add the sugar.
– Mix after 15 min, add the vodka. Strawberries should be covered.

– Add mint leaves as desired.
– Keep in fridge at least for 5 hours.
– Just before serving pour the wine and the sparkling wine into the bowl.
– If you like add some frozen wine cubes, if you use regular ice cubes the drink might get watery.

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