German Beef Steak Hunter Style

Today we feature the German beef steak Hunter style which is a classic German dish.  It is called “Hunter style” because we are using mushrooms for a gravy.
Another name  would be “Hackbeefsteak”. So what is it really? It is basically a fake steak and is made out of ground meat which can be beef, a mix of pork and beef, buffalo or venison. There are many recipe variations. You can fill it with feta cheese, grill it on the BBQ or make it like a Cordon Bleu (using ham and cheese). As side dish serve Spaetzle, fried, mashed or boiled potatoes. Happy Cooking!

German Beef Steak Hunter Style

Ingredients German Beef Steak Hunter Style

(serves 4)
10 g dried mushrooms
500 g fresh mushrooms
1 onion
2 tbsp olive oil
salt, pepper, sweet paprika powder to taste
400 g ground beef
1/2 roll or baguette bread
1 egg
1-2 tsp mustard
3 spring onions
400 g Spaetzle (fresh or dried) – Click here to Go to the Spaetzle Recipe –
1 tbsp corn starch (for the gravy

Cooking Instructions German Beef Steak Hunter Style

– Soak mushrooms for 1 hour in 300 ml warm water.
– Chop fresh mushrooms coarsely, peel onion, chop fine.
– Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a big  skillet, add chopped mushrooms and onion, saute for 1-2 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste, then remove from skillet and let cool off.
– Soak bread in water until it is soft, drain water, squeeze all water out of the bread.
– Knead meat with egg; add soft bread, mushroom-onion mix, spice with salt, pepper and paprika.
– Form 8 Hacksteaks and fry them in a pan with some olive oil for about 15 minutes on both sides.
– Cut mushrooms in halves, cut spring onions in slices.
– Drain soaked mushrooms and keep the liquid.
– Chop mushrooms.
– Cook Spaetzle per instructions,
– Remove Hacksteaks from skillet and keep them warm. In the same skillet saute mushrooms and spring onions, then add the soaking liquid and starch; bring to  a brisk boil (gravy should be thick) – spice with salt and pepper.

Serve Hacksteaks with the mushroom gravy and Spaetzle.


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