German Buttermilk Sugar Cake

German Buttermilk Sugar Cake

This German Buttermilk Sugar Cake is very much on the sweet side as it is using sugar and a special one called “Kandis” suga, a rock sugar that comes in coarse pieces. This kandis sugar, when heated, changes the color to brown which which gives it a caramel taste. Using this sugar will add a caramel taste to the cake. Can also be used in tea, grog or mulled wine. Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Buttermilk Sugar Cake

(makes 25 pieces)
600g flour
200g sugar
200g kandis sugar (coarse brown sugar or rock sugar)
1 package vanilla sugar -0.3oz
1.5 packages baking powder- 0.75oz
4 eggs
400 ml buttermilk
400ml heavy cream
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Baking Instructions German Buttermilk Sugar Cake

– Combine in a bowl flour with 100g sugar, 100 g Kandis, Vanilla sugar, salt and baking powder. Mix well.
– Add eggs and buttermilk, mix until you get a smooth dough.
– Pre-heat oven to 175 C / 350 F (convection 300 F)
– Grease a deep baking tray (1.5 inches deep, size 12 x 15 inches), dust with flour or layer with parchment paper.
– Pour dough into the tray.
– Mix remaining sugar with Kandis and spread evenly over the dough.
– Bake for about 30 min.

– Whip heavy cream until firm or use it while cake is still hot.
– Remove from oven and spread heavy cream evenly over the hot cake. Let cool off.
– Cut cake into pieces.
– If you like serve with some semi whipped heavy cream spiced with cinnamon.

If you like a smaller cake use a 10 inch spring form and use 50 percent less ingredients. Bake it in preheated oven for 40 min. and after removal add 200ml heavy cream on top. Let cool off on a cooling rack in the form. With a long knife cur carefully around the edges, then release from the form.
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