German Gluten Free Pancakes

Pancakes are a very popular German recipe but if you have to cook gluten free, so far there was no recipe. Now we added the recipe for German Gluten Free Pancakes! It is very easy, and you can vary the pan cakes as you like. Add cocoa for a chocolate variation. Fill with fruit, jam or whipped cream. Dust with powdered sugar and cinnamon. If you like a zesty filling, don’t use any sugar. It is recommended to use an already mixed gluten free flour because you want that the dough will be not too sticky. Bobs red Mill Gluten free 1-1 baking flour seems to be a good one as it is a mix of different ingredients. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Gluten Free Pancakes

(makes 4)
2 eggs
100 g gluten free flour, eg from Bobs Red Mill
100 ml milk
50 ml cold water
50 g sugar (optional)
1 dash salt
1 splash sunflower oil

Cooking Instructions German Gluten Free Pancakes

– Beat eggs slightly, sieve flour, add to eggs with sugar.
– Mix well so batter is clump free.
– Add milk, oil, salt and water (use more or less water as needed, dough should not be liquid).
– Let dough sit for 30 min.

– Melt butter in a non-stick pan.
– Pour 1/4 of the dough into pan, bake on one side, then turn. Keep warm (covered) in oven.
– Repeat with remaining dough.

– Separate eggs and beat egg white until firm. Add firm egg white at the end. It will make the pancakes fluffy and light.
– Add little apple pieces and you will get apple pan cakes – the best gluten free ones!

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