German Green Bean Potato Salad

The German Green Bean potato salad is a great salad for the barbecue in summer. Green beans and potatoes are a good combination. If you like you can make this salad without potatoes or add some other vegetable such as red radishes. Happy Cooking!

german green bean potato salad

Ingredients German Green Bean Potato Salad

(serves 3-4)
500 g green beans
2-3 smaller potatoes
1 small onion

3 tbsp red or white vinegar
6 tbsp sunflower oil or a mild olive oil
salt, black pepper to taste,  1 dash nut meg

Note: If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby get the spice “21 Seasoning Salute”. It’s a great spice mix for salads.

Cooking Instruction German Green Bean Potato Salad

– Wash and clean green beans, cut long ones in haf.
– In salt water cook beans until they are soft, but not too soft, they should have a soft crunch!
– Cook potatoes, let cool off.
– Cut onion in thin slices.
– Peel potatoes and slice them thin or cut in small cubes.
– Mix all dressing ingredients.
– Place beans and potatoes in a bowl, mix well with dressing.
– Place in fridge for 10-15 minutes, then serve.

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