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Beer is probably the most popular drink in Germany, and there are many different kinds of beer. One is the German Radler beer (the word Radler means “cyclist in German) which has a long history in Germany. It commonly consists of a 50:50 mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade. The origin of the name probably started with the popularity of cycling,  and the need for a refreshing, less-alcoholic beverage on the journey. Cycling has become a very popular sport especially on the countryside, therefor you can get a Radler in any Gasthof along the popular biking roads. Especially during the hot summer months it is a real thirst-quencher!
It’s being said that the Munich innkeeper Franz Xaver Kugler from Diesenhofen invented the Radler in 1922. Germany was in a kind of biking craze at this time, and Kugler capitalized on this by establishing a bike trail from Munich to his inn. 

Radler throughout the World

Northern Germany
A half-and-half made of Pilsner beer and lemon soda is known as an Alster  which is short for Alsterwasser, the “Water from the river Alster”, a river in Hamburg.

Southern Germany
Served as a mix of Weißbier and lemon soda is called a “Russ'” (that means Russian).

It’s called Shandy, and is served typically with a mix of lager or ale and a non-alcoholic drink like lemonade, ginger beer, or any citrus soda. Pale ales and wheat beers are often used ifor making a Shandy. The proportions vary, though the common ratio is equal parts beer and mixer.

it is common to use Almdudler instead of lemon soda for making a Radler.

In New Zealand, the names ‘reldar’ (Radler spelled backwards) and “Cyclist” (the literal meaning of Radler) are used because a large corporation has controversially trademarked the word Radler. It was trademarked by DB Breweries for their “Monteith’s Radler” beer, which is a citrus-flavoured, full-strength (5%) beer.
Radler is enjoyed not just in Bavaria, but also throughout Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, and Romania. It has become very popular in the USA as well. Many breweries added Radler, or a similar flavored beer to their beer

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Typical German Radler Beers

Krombacher Radler
The Krombacher Privatbrauerei from Kreuztal makes traditional Radler of pale lager and lemonade in the recommended proportions, containing 2,5% ABV. Extra flavor is added by using lime and mint.

Bitburger Radler
Perfect combination of Bitburger Premium Pils and lemonade without artificial additives. Tastes sparklingly fresh and not too sweet!

Warsteiner Radler
If you know the Warsteiner beer, you know it’s a fine beer. The Radler is made 100% with natural ingredients – nothing else added. Without any artificial color or preservatives, combines the best of brewing and fruitiness.

How To Make a Radler Beer

It’s very easy to make your own Radler. You need a light-colored, hoppy beer and lemon-lime flavored citrus soda in equal proportions without sugar or any artificial flavors. The best beer for this purpose is the Pilsner.
– Fill a glass 1/2 or 3/4 full with such beer, depending on your taste, and pour an artisanal carbonated lemonade to get the desired flavor.
That’s all.

There are a few Radler typ Mixes which are quite popular in Germany 

  • Carbonated lemonade
  • Sweet syrup shot (mit Schuss)

What syrups are commonly used 

  • Green Waldmeistersirup  – woodruff-flavored syrup
  • Yellow Zitronensirup – lemon syrup
  • Red Himbeersirup – raspberry syrup

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