Pork Roast Franconia Style with Dark Beer Gravy

pork roast franconia style

If you like pork roast you should try the pork roast Franconia style with a dark beer gravy. This recipe is authentic and proven and comes from the German region Frankenland or Franconia. The Franconian region is located  in Bavaria, north and south of the Main River. There is a lower and upper part which is called “Oberfranken and Unterfranken”.
This pork roast has a special gravy as it contains beer and bread. For sure this pork roast is the best served with dumplings as they make them in the Frankenland and red cabbage. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Pork Roast Franconia Style

4 lb pork roast
2 onions
1/4 celery root
2 carrots
1 leek
750 ml vegetable broth (instant)
– How to Make Vegetable Broth – 
500 ml dark beer
4 pieces bread, some days old, the end pieces, country style bread
seasonings: salt, paprika powder and pepper to taste
caraway seeds, ground or whole

Cooking Instructions Pork Roast Franconia Style

– Wash the meat under running cold water, dry with paper towels.
– Season the meat generously all around and evenly.
– Chop onions fine; cut carrots, leek and celery root in bigger pieces.
– Pre-heat oven to 400 F.
– Use a large pan that can be also used on the stove and in the oven (fire proof, eg. dutch oven), and on high heat with clarified butter brown the meat on all sides. Turn the meat fast before it gets too brown.

– Add the vegetable and brown them briefly. It is important to do that as this adds a nice taste to the meat and gravy.
– Place the caraway seeds and the bread pieces around the meat, brown everything for a bit.
– Put the pan into the oven, cook for about 30 min, then reduce heat to 350 F. Onions should be brown.
– Meanwhile make the broth. You can make it from scratch by cooking leek, celery, carrots, bay leave, salt and pepper in water or use instant broth, half vegetable and half beef broth.
– I use the broth from Edward & Sons as it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, preservatives or other chemicals –
– Add the broth, not all at one time. Bit by bit alternating with the beer. The bread should be covered by liquid at all times.

– The meat needs to cook for about 3-4 hours (time depends also on the quality of the meat). You can also use a cooking thermometer.
– When the meat is cooked remove it from the pan and let rest on a cutting board for 5 min.
– Remove the carrots and the gravy, then puree it with a stick mixer (don’t throw away the ingredients).
The gravy should be thick because of the bread and should have a dark brown color.

Serve with dumplings and a salad such as lettuce, or Spaetzle and red cabbage.

Interested in Making Dumplings from Scratch?

– Go to the Recipe How to make Franconian Dumplings –


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