Healthy German Vegan Potato Soup – Saxon Style

Vegan potato soup

What about a Healthy German Vegan Potato Soup – Saxon Style for dinner or lunch today? You cannot go wrong with this soup. If you love meat just add some bacon or sausages to the soup. But it’s a 100% vegan and vegetarian soup recipe – very healthy and nutritious indeed! Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Healthy German Vegan Potato Soup

1 onion
4 carrots
2 celery stalks (with some leaves if possible)
2 leek
1 lb potatoes
1 tbsp sunflower oil
3 fresh leaves lovage (Liebstöckel) or 1 tbsp dried
5 branches parsley
3 tbsp marjoram, dry or fresh
1 1/2 l vegetable broth
– How to make Vegetable Broth –
alternatively: 2 cubes instant broth and 1.5 l water
salt, pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions Healthy German Vegan Potato Soup

  • Prepare all vegetables. Peel, cut in cubes. Set aside some of the potato cubes for the final step, and some parsley leaves.
  • Heat oil, add cut vegetable (not potatoes) and simmer for 5-7 min. Stir frequently.
  • Use the stems of the parsley, cut in small pieces. Add to vegetable.
  • Chop lovage and parsley fine.
  • Add herbs and potatoes to soup. Mix with the vegetable broth.
  • Spice to taste.
  • Cover the soup and let boil for 10-15 min, until potatoes are done.
  • Brown the set aside potato cubes in some oil.
  • Add parsley and puree with a stick mixer (you don’t have to puree the soup).
  • Serve the soup with the fried potato cubes and some parsley leaves, and of course fresh bread.

Note on the Herb Lovage:
Lovage’s unique flavor is similar to celery. In Germany we use lovage for many soups, casseroles and salads. It can be used as a substitute for salt.
It is used like parsley but in smaller quantities. The flavor is quite strong.
Lovage is an heirloom herb that grows almost everywhere in Europe. When you grow your own lovage the plants will grow pretty tall, up to 6 feet. The herb can be harvested in about 90 days.

Variations for a Non-Vegan Soup:

– Add some sliced Wiener sausages.
– When frying the vegetables add some chopped smoked or boiled ham or Speck cubes.


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