How to Make German Bregenwurst

Today we show you how to make German Bregenwurst. This is a sausage from lower Saxon and has its origin from the words “Bregen” or “Brägen” which low German dialect (Plattdeutsch),  and it means “brain” which was originally an ingredient in this sausage. The Bregenwurst is very common and popular in this region. Today the sausage does not contain brain anymore, it is forbidden to add. Bregenwurst is served with kale and potatoes. That is the traditional combination.
Note: You need to be familiar with sausage making – this is just the recipe for the Bregenwurst which is not available at all in the USA and is made only in specific regions of Germany. We are not responsible for any errors, mishaps or faulty results.

german bregenwurst


(based on 1 Kilogram meat)
60% pork shoulder
40% pork belly
both meats cut into cubes

20 grams kosher or fine sea salt
2 grams ground white pepper
2 grams ground mace
1 gram ground cumin

80-100 grams chopped yellow onions
80-100 grams white bread of choice cubed moistened with water or white wine

german bregenwurst

Cooking Instructions Bregenwurst

– combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly
– put all meat through the  meat grinder
–  put into a sausage stuffer and fill into sheep casings.
The finished sausage may be steamed, boiled, smoked or grilled.

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How to make Bregenwurst (in German only). In the video he is using almost the same ingredients as in our recipe. He is using a spice mix that is not available in the USA.

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