German Liver with Apples and Onions

German liver with apples and onions is a German specialty and very popular. Some add instead of sliced apples, sliced pine apples. This is a tasty combination. This recipe does not contain soaking the liver in milk before cooking. If you don’t like the strong taste of liver we recommend to use this little German cooking trick. We also recommend to get organic liver, it’s just more healthy. A nice side dish for the liver is always mashed potatoes and a salad. The best is a mache salad with strawberries. Hard to find but maybe you are lucky. We found mache salad from the Farm “Organic” Girl” here in California. Happy Cooking!

german liver with apples and onions



500 g liver (beef, pork, calf) sliced
10 slices bacon (preferably German Speck)
2 apples, sliced, slightly sour
2 onions, chopped
pepper and salt to taste

Cooking Instructions German Liver with Apples and Onions

– place the bacon in a fire proof form, place in hot oven, let the bacon melt.
– spice liver with salt and pepper, place them on top of bacon, add a layer of onions.
– cover with foil and broil for 20 min on 350 F (convection).
– peel apples, remove core and slice them, place apples on top of onions, cover with foil, broil for another 15-20 min.

Serve with mashed potatoes and lettuce – perfect would be mache salad if you can get it.

Variation – Make German Liver with Apples and Onions in a Pan
– fry the slices apples in a skillet with some butter and a pinch of sugar.
– in a different skillet saute the onions with some salt until they are of a golden color.
– add onions to apples.
– in the same pan where you fried onions, fry the sliced and spiced (salt and pepper) liver.
– when the liver is done add the apple-onion mix to the meat.
– if you like to add the bacon, fry the bacon with the onions (can be cut into cubes if the slices are thicker). If the slices are thin fry the bacon and place on top of the liver when it is done.

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