Kaiserschmarren Tyrol Style

kaiserschmarrn Tyrol

Kaiserschmarrn Tyrol Style is from the region Tyrol (Tirol) in Austria and the recipe comes from a “Tiroler Landgasthof” (country inn in Tyrol) where they make this dish since generations the same way. But let us warn you: It is not a dish for someone who has to count the calories! The Kaiserschmarrn is a wonderful dish for a Brunch buffet, for breakfast or as a dessert. The traditional side dish with the Kaiserschmarrn is plum compote Find out how to make Plum Compote – GO TO RECIPE Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Kaiserschmarrn TyrolStyle

(serves 4-6)
100 g raisins
5 tbsp dark rum or cognac (or apple juice)
6 egg yolk
1 package vanilla sugar, 0.3oz How to make Vanilla Sugar –
1 tbsp sugar
dash salt
50 g melted butter
250 g flour
500 ml milk
6 egg white
4 tsp powdered sugar

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Cooking Instruction Kaiserschmarrn Tyrol Style

– Soak raisins in rum or cognac for at least 30 min (alternatively use apple juice).
– Beat egg yolks with vanilla sugar, salt and 1 heaped tbsp sugar until foamy.
– Use the bourbon vanilla sugar or make it with Bourbon vanilla and sugar.
– Add flour and milk alternating spoon by spoon.
– Add melted butter (this makes the difference!).
– Beat egg white until firm and with a spoon add it to the dough slowly; then add raisins without the rum.
– Melt butter in a skillet and pour dough into skillet, then reduce heat and let it bake until olden. Then cut it in quarters and turn the pieces; then make smaller pieces; always turn and let it bake.
– Sprinkle 2 tbsp sugar over the Kaiserschmarrn and let it caramelize.

Serve and dust with powdered sugar and apple sauce.

Traditional Austrian Side Dish: Pflaumenmus (plum sauce) or plum compote

Go to the Recipe

german plum compote

1. Before you add the firm egg white let dough rest for 30 min. The flour binds better with the liquid. After adding egg white mix well again.
2. The dough looks quite thin but that is ok.
3. Raisins sink down fast in a dough, before you pour the dough into the skillet, mix well.
4. Caramelizing is the key!
5. Use a non-stick pan.
6. Add sugar, turn, then wait 30 seconds; add sugar to the other pieces, turn, wait again.


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