Oma’s Apfelküchle – German Apple Rings

omas apfelkuchle apple rings

These German apple pancakes or Oma’s Apfelküchle are simply irresistible. The recipe is very easy and you can serve them for breakfast, brunch or as a sweet snack in between meals. Serve these apple rings with a cinnamon-sugar mix or vanilla sauce. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Oma’s Apfelküchle

(serves 4)
140 g flour
100 ml milk
2 eggs
1 package vanilla sugar- 8g
some sparkling water
1 dash salt
3 apples
sugar-cinnamon mix
ghee (clarified butter) or taste neutral cooking oil

apple core remover 
apple core remover

Cooking Instructions Oma’s Apfelküchle

– Combine flour with the milk, mix very well until there are any clumps.
– Add eggs, salt and vanilla sugar.
– Let batter sit for 15 min, then add a splash of taste neutral sparkling water.
– Wash apples, if you like you can peel them, remove the core with a fruit core remover.
– Slice in 1 inch thick pieces.

– Combine sugar with cinnamon, mix well.
– In a non-stick pan melt ghee until it’s hot.
– Turn each apple ring in the batter.
– Place into the hot grease and bake on both sides until they show a golden color.

– Let the rings drip on kitchen paper.
– Sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar mix when they are still hot and serve right away.

You can also serve them with vanilla sauce. —-> Go to the Recipe <—–

german vanilla sauce


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