How to Make Vanilla Sauce

how to make vanilla sauce

It is important to know how to make Vanilla Sauce because it is used for many German dishes and is not really available in the US Supermarkets. It is not custard or pudding. It is a sweet sauce which is using the pulp of a vanilla bean. So it tastes the best made from scratch even you would use the German packaged sauce. Serve it hot over a piece of apple strudel or with pan cakes or waffles.. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients How to Make Vanilla Sauce

3 egg yolks
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
How to make Vanilla Sugar –

1 tbsp corn starch
1 vanilla bean
350 ml milk

Cooking Instructions Vanilla Sauce

– cut the vanilla bean lengthwise and with a small spoon remove the pulp.
– Mix egg yolks, sugar and vanilla sugar, starch and vanilla pulp until it is smooth.
– add the milk and add the vanilla bean too.
– Warm on low heat while stirring continuously until the sauce is thickening.
– IMPORTANT: Don’t bring it to a boil!

Remove the bean and serve while hot with for example with a piece of Apple Strudel, Waffles, Vanilla Ice cream and more.

No Time for Cooking? Use this Instant Dr Oetker Vanilla Sauce

german vanilla sauce

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