The Reiterlesmarkt in Rothenburg

Reiterlesmarkt in Rothenburg

In this post I want to feature a very traditional and famous Christmas market of Germany, the Reiterlesmarkt  in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the most beautiful German cities from the medieval times, located in the romantic “Frankenland”.
This market dates back to the 15th century and is one of the oldest markets in Germany. The Reiterlesmarkt starts at November 26 and ends on December 24, and attracts thousands of visitors every year. All the visitors  come because of the magical atmosphere and to get that feeling that time might stand still. The city converts for almost 1 month into a winter fairy tale not only for children. It makes everyone smile and dreaming… especially when it snows.
During the Reiterlesmarkt the the city offers special Christmas events such as puppet shows, outdoor brass-band concerts, and guided tourchlight walks outside the city walls.
Now where does the name Reiterlesmarkt come from? The name can be traced back to an old legend back to the time of the Teutons, and this was long before Christ. The Teutons believed in a rider who took care of the souls of the dead, and they were afraid of this mystic figure. During the Middle ages this believe changed, and the wild rider became  a friendly messenger bringing peace to everyone. A painting of the Reiterle can be seen on the town hall.

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(Picture Copyright Rothenburg Tourismus Service, Fotograf: W.Pfitzinger)

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