German Sauerkraut Potato Pancakes

german sauerkraut pancakes

You will love the Sauerkraut Potato pancakes! In Germany we are very creative when it comes to Sauerkraut. This is another original German recipe which is using Sauerkraut, the most famous side dish of Germany. Make sure to get the original German Sauerkraut. A good place to find German Sauerkraut is Big Lots and Aldi or the World Market Cost Plus. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Sauerkraut Potato Pancakes

2 small red, green or yellow pepper
250 g creme fraiche
salt, white pepper
850 ml Sauerkraut (can or jar)
8 small onions
500 g potatoes
6 tbsp sun flower oil or any neutral oil
1 tsp sugar – optional

german delicatessen box

Cooking Instructions German Sauerkraut Potato Pancakes

– Chop pepper in fine cubes.
– Mix creme fraiche with salt and pepper.
– Drain Sauerkraut in a sieve, there should not be any liquid left, press gently all water out of it.
– Cut onions in small quarters
– Peel potatoes and grate them, let drain in a sieve or on kitchen paper.
– Mix Sauerkraut with potatoes, spice with salt and pepper to taste.
– Heat 5 tbsp oil on a big skillet and make 1 or 2 pancakes at a time; turn them frequently, when done keep them warm until all pancakes are made.
– In another skillet heat 1 tbsp oil, add onions, fry them briefly then sprinkle with sugar and fry them until sugar has caramelized.

Serve the pancakes with caramelized onions, add some creme fraiche on top and sprinkle with chopped pepper.

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