Strammer Max – German Open Ham-Egg Sandwich

strammer max

Strammer Max is a very popular dish in Germany that consists out of a slice bread, topped with ham, cheese and a fried egg; some add pickles, radishes, cucumber or tomatoes too.  You would enjoy this dish for supper or for breakfast or brunch. It’s served in many restaurants, pubs and inns from North to South.
Originally the dish came from Saxon and had a completely different meaning, as it colloquially denoted the “man’s best piece”. Because some men at the time hoped for more stamina and wanted to get it from from a strong, hearty sandwich with ham and egg. The dish was then popularly called “Strammer Max” – Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Strammer Max

(1 Serving)
1 slice farmers bread
2 slices cooked ham, mildly smoked, alternatively Prosciutto or Black Forest Ham
1 slice cheese, Gouda or Swiss Cheese (Emmenthaler)
1 or 2 eggs
butter, salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions

– Spread butter on the bread.
– Place first the ham, then the cheese on top. If you like add thinly cut pickles and some red pepper stripes on the ham.
–  Broil the slice until the cheese is melting.
– Meanwhile make the fried egg,
– When the sandwich is done top it with the fried egg. Spice with salt and pepper to taste.
– You can decorate it with some cut cucumber, tomatoes or radishes.



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