Hunter Style Toast – German Snack

hunter style toast

The Hunter Style Toast is served in many German restaurants and it is often a snack. You can use different meat to make this dish: pork Schnitzel or filet mignon, breakfast steak or even turkey/chicken breasts. Alternatively to the mushrooms you could use chanterelles…

Strammer Max – German Open Ham-Egg Sandwich

strammer max

Strammer Max is a very popular dish in Germany that consists out of a slice bread, topped with ham, cheese and a fried egg; some add pickles, radishes, cucumber or tomatoes too.  You would enjoy this dish for supper or for breakfast or brunch….

Toast Hawaii – Best German Snack

If you had been to Germany yo might have seen this classic German snack Toast Hawaii in menus in country inns. It’s such a delicious small meal that is very easy to make and it doesn’t need special ingredients. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Toast Hawaii…

Bavarian Leberkaese Burger Sandwich

german leberkaese burger

Serve the Leberkaese Burger at your Oktoberfest or enjoy it while watching a soccer game. The burger tastes best with a glass of  German beer! Find out how you can make Leberkaese from scratch- Click here – Happy Cooking! Ingredients Leberkaese Burger (4 servings)…

German Egg Salad Sandwich – Healthy Bread Spread

german egg salad sandwich

The German egg salad sandwich is a healthy and easy to make bread spread recipe. It’s an open sandwich or a Belegtes Brot as we say in German. The classic version is a piece of bread or half of a roll plus a spread…