Marzipan Coconut Macaroons – Christmas Cookie

marzipan coconut macaroons

These Marzipan chocolate macaroons are delicious German Christmas cookies. Important is to use unsweetened coconut and unsweetened raw marzipan like the one from the German city Lübeck which is famous for their marzipan products (Lübecker Marzipan) or alternatively the Odense marzipan. Happy Baking! Ingredients…

German Christmas Cookies Coconut Rolls

 German Christmas Cookies Coconut Rolls 50 g dried papaya and 50 g dried mango 1 egg white 100 g grated coconut unsweetened – Bob’s Red Mill Unsweetened Shredded Coconut — 24 oz Dough
 150 g cold butter 75 g powdered sugar 225 g…